Academy Director: Stacey Bell

CTE / Academy Facilitator: Jeremy Ossler

2017-18 Action Plan:

Academy Teacher Team & Schedule:

Teacher's Name
Course(s) Taught
Period Taught
K. Blasko, J. Aligood
Biology Honors

S. Bell
Agriscience Foundations I

C. Bishop
Aquaculture II/III

C. Bishop
Marine Science I/II Honors

J. Clements
Chemistry Honors

S. Maitland, R. Howard
English I

S. Murray
English II

J. Pawlowski
World History


*Please upload your supporting documents in the column below for each standard.



Standard 1: Integrated Curriculum / Projects
  • Grade 9 integrated curriculum with Agriscience Foundations and Biology students: Nature of Science PBL- school week 2 (August) to school week 15 (December)
  • Grade 9 integrated curriculum with Agriscience Foundations students: Urban Garden Manuel PBL- third and forth quarter.
  • Grade 10 integrated curriculum with Aquaculture II and Chemistry students:
  • Grade 11 integrated curriculum with Aquaculture III and Marine Biology students: Marine Resources PBL
  • Grade 12 integrated curriculum with Senior Internship and
Curriculum In Action:

Curriculum In Action:

Standard 2: Cohort Schedule

Standard 3: Program of Study / 4 Yr Plan
Program of study for AEMS students grades 9-12 at Atlantic High School:

  • POS presented within our AEMS Academy student and parent informational brochure:

Standard 4: Advisory Committee
AEMS Advisory Board:
  • Board member and committee chair information:

  • AEMS Advisory Board Meeting Agenda and Minutes:
Standard 5: Enrollment

Standard 6: Professional Collaboration

Standard 7: Recruitment
  • AEMS Academy at High School Showcase December 2017:

  • AEMS Academy at Open House 2017:
Standard 8: Career Focus / Workbased Learning

Standard 9: Marketing
Social Media Sites:

  • Follow us on TWITTER @Atlantic_AEMS

  • Visit our website at:

Academy Logo:

Academy Promotional Video:

Academy Promotional Events:

  • Check out our Academy Brochure for current academy student communications:

  • Join our REMIND 101 to increase communication with members: @aemsm

  • Check out a SAMPLE of our monthly Lunch with a Scientist sign up form. These are
printed monthly for each guest speaker and posted in every science classroom at Atlantic
High School:

  • AEMS promotion at our Open House event:

Open House 2017.png

  • AEMS Academy Promotion at Port Orange Family Days:
Final Evaluation: