Academy Director: Mrs. S. Bell

CTE / Academy Facilitator: Mr. J. Ossler

2017-18 Action Plan:

Academy Teacher Team & Schedule:

Teacher's Name
Course(s) Taught
Period Taught
K. Blasko, J. Aligood
Biology Honors

S. Bell
Agriscience Foundations I

C. Bishop
Aquaculture II

C. Bishop
Aquaculture III

R. Howard
English I
3, 4, 7

S. Maitland
English I Honors
1, 4, 7

S. Murray
English II
Mr. A. Brown

*Please upload your supporting documents in the column below for each standard.



Standard 1: Integrated Curriculum / Projects

Curriculum In Action:
1) December 2017: School Based Science Fair- Nature of Science Project
Curriculum In Action:
2) January 2018: Urban Gardening Project
Standard 2: Cohort Schedule

Standard 3: Program of Study / 4 Yr Plan
1) Program of study for AEMS students grades 9-12 at Atlantic High School:

  • POS presented within our AEMS Academy student and parent informational brochure which is signed and returned by parents and AEMS students:

2) AEMS Industry Certification provided in 2017-18: Agriculture Associate Certification (10 vouchers) and Aquaculture Technician (10 vouchers)
Standard 4: Advisory Committee
AEMS Advisory Board: Business Committee Chair- Jessy Wayles, Marine Discovery Center
  • Board member and chair information:

  • AEMS Advisory Board Meeting Agendas:

  • AEMS Advisory Board Meeting Minutes:

Standard 5: Enrollment

Standard 6: Professional Collaboration
1) July 24-27, 2017: Academy Team Planning Workshop
2) February 1, 2018: Cross Curricular Planning Day/ Atlantic High School
3) February 23, 2018: Career Academy Director Collaboration/Planning Day/ Atlantic High School
4) Weekly: Professional Learning Community (PLC) meeting with Mr. Bishop and Mrs. Bell for Academy and Project Based Learning planning
5) Monthly: Science Department meetings held monthly and always include time for science teachers to share and plan for AEMS Academy programs and projects
Standard 7: Recruitment
1) High School Showcase: December 2017
2) AEMS Academy at Open House August 2017:
3) 8th Grade High School Registration: 2017- AEMS Director and Communication Officer in attendance, Atlantic HS
4) 8th Grade Shadow Days:

5) HS/MS Collaboration: Academy Facilitator J. Ossler Middle School visits January 2018
6) Atlantic HS Academy Showcase January 2018:
Atlantic Academy Showcase (2).JPG
Standard 8: Career Focus / Work-based Learning
Lunch with a Scientist: Aquarist, Marine Science Center

Lunch with a Scientist: Right Whale Aerial Surveyor and Sea Turtle Biologist

Sh.O.R.E. Research Conference, New Smyrna Beach

Junior AEMS student and officer presenting at the Sh.O.R.E. Research Conference

VPK Science Day.jpg
AEMS Academy Students (in grades 9-12) teach our on campus VPK students (our Shark Pups) all about science during our AWESOME STEM day!!!

Standard 9: Marketing
1) Social Media Sites:

  • Follow us on TWITTER @Atlantic_AEMS

  • Visit our website at:

2) Academy Logo:

3) Academy Promotional Video:

4) Academy Promotional Events:
  • Holiday Pot Luck and Board Appreciation, December 2017


5) Brochures/ Flyers/ Newsletters:

  • Check out our Academy Brochure for current academy student communications:

  • Join our REMIND 101 to increase communication with members: @aemsm

  • Check out a SAMPLE of our monthly Lunch with a Scientist Posters and sign up form. These are
printed monthly for each guest speaker and posted in every science classroom at Atlantic
High School:

6) Other:
  • AEMS Academy Promotion at Port Orange Family Days: September/ October 2017

7) Other:
  • Ponce Preserves the Planet: AEMS Academy promotion: March 2018
2018 Ponce Preserves the Planet.jpgPonce Preserves the Planet.JPG

8) Other: AEMS Academy T-shirt

9) Alumni Representative: Association developed in 2017-18 led by Jacob McGee, class of 2017, AEMS President 2016-17.
Final Evaluation: