Academy Director: Trevor Williams

Academy Teacher Team & Schedule:

Teacher's NameChris Bishop
Course(s) TaughtMarine Science
Period Taught
Kris Blasko

Jim Clements
Chemistry, Physics

Mark Gieselman
Environmental, Anatomy

Stacey Bell
Earth Space Sci.

Trevor Williams
Ag., Horticulture

Rich Lefebvre
Biology, Earth Science

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Standard 1: Integrated Curriculum / Projects
Rosebay Viewing.jpg
Students attend a field study at Rose Bay.
Aqua system 3.jpg
Students take observations of the fish in our aquaponics system that's used to produce food donated to the school's Shark Cove Cafe.

Photo May 14, 10 25 33 AM.jpg
HEMS students judge science fair projects and Embry Riddle Aeronautical University as part of the ASAP Science Expo.

Curriculum In Action:
Plant Box Group.jpg
Students working in groups on a Plant Box project where they construct miniature greenhouses.
Garden Clean 3.jpg
Students work on cleaning up gardens before the fall crops are planted.

Curriculum In Action:

Standard 2: Career Focus
Students work on maintaining our aquaponics system to ensure both the plants and fish are healthy.

Standard 3: Program of Study

Standard 4: Advisory Committee

Standard 5: Enrollment

Standard 6: Pure Schedule

Standard 7: Common Planning / Collaboration

Standard 8: Staff Development

Standard 9: Articulation

Standard 10: Work based Learning

Standard 11: Capstone Project

Standard 12: Marketing
Some of our FFA Members attending High School Showcase promoting our academy. Marketing material for the academy include: Pencils, Brochures, T-Shirts, Koozies, and Folders. Additional forms or Markets such as Instagram account are available for the FFA Chapter and are in the works for the academy.

As we are in the process of moving the academy to more of an Aquaculture focus, we will be changing a few aspects like the name (HEMS to AEMS - Aquaculture, Environmental and Marine Science) and the logo.

Final Evaluation: